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Google has released the second beta version of Android 14 beta version for 180 countries. This time, the company has added many AI features to Android. Some of these features will truly enhance the performance of your phone.

Android 14 Top 10 New Features

Data Security

Data security is now the most sensitive issue. Even the apps you use may sell your data. Or, they may change their data policy after initially setting a different one. However, they must inform their users. With the update of Android 14, this situation will not happen anymore. Android 14 will notify users who use an app that changes its data policy. Also, if any app uses your location data, it will have to ask for your permission to use the feature.


Passkey has been made public for Google Android users, but not for all users. 
Users who use the beta version of Android 14 can use the Passkey when installing third-party apps. 
In this, instead of the password, the user can use their fingerprint. In addition, 
both password and fingerprint can be saved for different apps. But all apps may not support Passkey feature.

Smart File Transfer

Google has developed a new API for backup on phones. This feature allows users to transfer their data without having to stay attentive to their mobile devices during the transfer process. The process will continue automatically until it is complete. Additionally, if the connection is lost during the transfer process, the data transfer will be paused, and once the connection is restored, the transfer will continue from where it left off.

Customized Lockscreen

With the Android 14 update, users will be able to customize their lockscreen with various AI-generated wallpapers and more. This feature will initially be available on Pixel phones, with many additional features added by the company.

Camera flash notification and volume alert

Now, using the flash of the camera, notifications that arrive on your mobile can be detected without any sound. Different color flashes can be used for different notifications. Additionally, if the user is listening to music or any other audio at a high volume for a long time, the phone will send notifications, urging the user to lower the volume.

Full screen notification

Android users can now not dismiss any notifications. With the update of Android 14, users will be able to use full screen notifications. Currently, this feature will only be available for phone calls and alarms.

Swipe feature

In Android 14, the company has also made some changes to the swipe feature. Now, when users swipe on the screen to switch between apps, they can see what the other app is before fully opening it. This is helpful as it allows users to quickly see what the other app is without having to fully switch to it. This feature is similar to Spotify's feature.

Large letters

Android 14 has a new feature for users with weak eyesight. Now, any letter can be enlarged up to 200% for easier viewing and reading. This feature will be useful for users who have difficulty reading small letters.

Hearing Aid feature update

Now you will not be limited to hearing only certain types of sound on your Airpods. You will be able to customize the sound according to your needs on any type of earbuds. This means you can adjust the sound for music, phone calls, or any other media.

One-Stop Health Shop

Google recently launched a new Health Connect app that allows users to share their health data across various devices. This app can be used to install on upcoming Android smartphones even before they are released.


Android 14 beta version offers many advanced features such as enhanced data security, Passkey, smart file transfer, camera flash notification,  customized lockscreen, full-screen notification, and more. These features are designed to improve user experience and make their mobile devices more efficient.