Exploring IT Career Options for Students After SEE Exam in Nepal

The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) is one of the significant milestones in a student's life in Nepal. After the completion of SEE 2079 BS, students are eager to explore their career options.

The field of Information Technology (IT) offers a plethora of opportunities for students interested in technology. In this article, we will discuss the different IT career options for students after SEE.

Multimedia Skills:

Students can learn multimedia skills such as graphic design, video editing, and photography in a short amount of time. Institutions, online platforms, and YouTube videos offer courses for these skills. Some institutions even provide internship opportunities, allowing students to earn while they learn.

Programming Languages:

Programming languages are in high demand in the IT industry. Students interested in software, websites, or apps can learn programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, C, and C++. Various online platforms offer courses for these languages. Learning programming languages can benefit students in creating websites and mobile apps, laying the foundation for their programming journey.

Digital Marketing:

The rise of social media has increased the need for digital marketing. Students can learn digital marketing techniques such as SEO and SEM online or physically by attending institutions. Digital marketing is a rapidly growing industry, and it is an excellent career option for students interested in marketing and technology.

Robotics and IoT:

Robotics and the Internet of Things (IoT) are emerging technologies that are rapidly gaining popularity. Students interested in creating various devices can learn fundamental and conceptual topics related to robotics and IoT. Various courses and tutorials are available on the internet.


Hardware is an integral part of the IT industry. Computer repair courses are offered by various training centers. Students can learn this skill by attending such courses. This skill is also in high demand in the technology sector.

After SEE, IT education:

Computer is a subject at school level. Apart from CTEVT after SEE, there is no separate IT related course. To study the IT course, students must pass class 12. Computer is an optional subject in class 11/12 or "A level." Students interested in IT can choose this subject.

CTEVT's IT courses are suitable for students who want to pursue IT as a career. Currently, CTEVT offers computer engineering, computer application, and secretarial management courses at the pre-diploma level (18 months). In the diploma level (three years), computer engineering and information technology (IT) are taught. CTEVT operates these courses in various 106 educational institutions throughout the country. Students who want to be employed immediately after studying should opt for CTEVT's course.


The field of IT offers numerous opportunities for students after SEE. Students can learn multimedia skills, programming languages, digital marketing, robotics and IoT, and hardware skills. Students interested in pursuing IT as a career can opt for CTEVT's courses. By exploring these options, students can lay the foundation for a successful career in IT.