Controversies and Blockbusters: A Look Back at the Eventful Year 2079 B.S. in Nepali Entertainment Industry

 The year 2079 B.S. was a memorable one for the Nepali entertainment industry. While it saw the release of blockbuster films like "Kabaddi 4" and "Chhakka Panja 4", it was also marred by several controversies that kept people talking. From celebrity disputes to legal battles, the year had it all.

One of the most talked-about controversies of the year was the Actress Miruna Magar incident. During the promotion of 'Kabaddi 4' in Civil Mall, Miruna was reportedly subjected to unwanted touching by a Buddhist monk. Following Miruna's complaint, the police detained the monk for a few days. 

A protest was held, sparked protests, with some enthusiasts demanding that the film be banned. While the controversy eventually died down, complaints and accusations continued. The film was even banned in the Sikkim in India. The controversy continued for a while, and Miruna found herself embroiled in the whole affair.

Another significant dispute that divided the film industry was the allegations and counter-allegations between Actor Pradeep Khadka and Bhuwan KC (President of Film Development Board Nepal) regarding the movie "Prem Geet 3". 

A controversy erupted when board chairman KC introduced a rule to censor films a week before and their night show was not allowed. Despite this, KC allowed the Hindi version of the film "Prem Geet 3" to be released and delayed the censor recommendation. However, under pressure from the ministry, he eventually had to back down.

The movie "Prasad 2" also found itself in the center of a controversy, with disputes over financial transactions between the artists and the producers. After a court order, the film's screening was banned, and actors like Bipin Karki and Namrata Shrestha left the movie. The situation escalated when the matter reached the police.

Controversy also followed actress Barsha Shivakoti, who got married to US resident Ashish Gelal but ended up divorcing him within just 9 months. Gelal has since re-married, while Barsha remains single. 

The music industry also saw its share of controversies. Rapper G-Bab protested at the district administration in Kathmandu demanding independence from his parents. However, the matter was resolved through mediation, and he reached a settlement with his parents. Rapper V10 caused a scene at a concert in Japan, where he broke a bottle in his own head and several other musicians like Durgesh Thapa and Hennessy Bro were involved in disputes.

Overall, the year was eventful, with controversies and disputes that kept people talking. While some of these issues have been resolved, others remain etched in the memory of the Nepali entertainment industry. It remains to be seen what the future holds for the industry and whether it can continue to thrive amidst such controversies.