Kathmandu Metropolitan City launches digital map system for efficient service delivery

Kathmandu Metropolitan City has fully implemented an online mapping system, which means that there is no longer a need to visit the office for mapping-related work. The Mayor of the metropolitan, Balendra Shah (Balen), shared this information on social media in a video on Friday, 4 April 2023.

Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor : Balendra Shah (Balen) 

According to Shah, the new online mapping system has streamlined the process, reducing the time required for a procedure that used to take two to three months to just 25 days.

"Even though there was already an electrical system in place, it was only used for tracking," he said. "However, there were problems with keeping records and documents in order. The process was very lengthy, and our server was slow." He also mentioned that the online mapping system has now been automated, and the server has been upgraded, making it faster.

"Now, you no longer need to print maps or keep them in books. If you provide the engineer with a digital form, they can access the Kathmandu Metropolitan City's  E-Building Permit System. And within 25 days, architects and structural engineers can use the same system to create digital maps," he added.

According to Shah, this system will make it easier to construct homes and buildings, and will make it possible to access maps and documents from anywhere.

The implementation of the online mapping system in Kathmandu Metropolitan City is a significant step towards modernizing and digitizing the building permit process. The system's automation and upgraded server have streamlined the process and reduced the time required for mapping-related work. 

What is Electronic Building System (e-BPS)?

The Electronic Building System (e-BPS) is a software tool designed to process municipal building permit applications and issue building bylaws and building code compliant building permit certificates. The primary objective of e-BPS is to support municipalities in improving their building permit process by enabling automated verification and checking of proposed buildings to comply with defined building codes and standards.


The Mayor's announcement of this development shows the city's commitment to providing efficient and effective services to its citizens. The E-Building Permit System is an example of how technology can be used to promote planned urban development and ensure safe building practices, ultimately contributing to the city's growth and development.