Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The influence of Golbal culture has been felt in the marriage of 18 Magarats

Anil budha Magar Kathmandu, 
There are different marriages in Nepal according to the community.  However, due to the influence of global culture, the culture of every community is not found in the culture of the ancestors.  
The marriage is taking place in the village of Taksera, east of Rukum, in the Magar community of 18 Magarat area.  The impact of global culture is also felt in the marriages of the Magar community of the 18 Magar region.  

The marriage  that has been going on since the ancestors of the Magars living here is disappearing.  In this community wedding, it was not customary for the bride and groom to wear garlands of money and for the people who came to the marrige to wear red colour.  

It was not customary to greet by building a gate.  The reason for not preparing all this is to protect the dignity of the daughter.  If the parents are ready and they get married happily, in the eyes of the society, it means that the daughter has got married herself. 

 Therefore, no matter how happy the parents are at their daughter's marriage, they are not prepared to show their unhappiness in front of the society.
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