Chinese ambassador Hou Yanqi suggested Nepal has a self-decision regarding very debatable aid Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC)

Chinese ambassador Hou Yanqi suggested Nepal has a self-decision regarding very debatable American aid named "Millennium Challenge Corporation".Chinese ambassador conveys well-wishing words on Journalist Conference which was held on the Chinese Embassy, Kathmandu.

Hou said, "Nepal, being a developing country, of course, requires aid and support from all over the world and there is no obligation that the help must always be of China. Nepal can accept any international aid if any wants to do so".

She also added that she was sure that Nepal would take a decision independently on behalf of the country´s welfare. She suggested the Nepal government have a proper decision as MCC is under Nepal´s internal right.

Yanqi clarified not having any misunderstanding between China and Nepal and added that the relationship had strengthened more after President of Nepal, Bidhya Devi Bhandari´s and Chinese President Xi Jinping´s tour. She claimed to have the same mutually understandable bond and corporation in developmental sectors in the future too so as the past.

America´s MCC project aims to increase the availability of electricity and develop road transportation with a budget of around 500 million US dollars by America.

Nepal government has still not finalized whether to accept or refuse the aid though it has already signed the beginning agreement paper. Meanwhile, few politicians point to Nepal out to be part of "The Indo-Pacific Strategy" if MCC is accepted while Nepal clearly declined to be part of the strategy in 2019.

Since some leaders support MCC and some leaders are disapproving and opposing, this is not letting Nepal jumps into any conclusion. 

Meanwhile, this project has been going discussable because it has to be approved by the House of Representatives of Nepal where the Nepal government could directly decline or accept the aid before. However, Prime Minister of Nepal KP Oli speaks on behalf of MCC acceptance and hopes this project to be building block of developing Nepal.

Even if the house of representative tries to pass the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) project, On the other hand, the Nepali Congress leader, positive for MCC, says not to politicize this project since Nepal receives huge economic support for the development from it.