iPhone 12, similar to the design of iPhone 4 !

2019, DEC-1
iPhone 12 News Leaked 
There is very much time to launch iphone12 in the market. 
However the rumors regarding it is getting contagious. According to the news pressed last time, iphone 12 will be as if it was like 10 years ago. 

It means its designed is highly inspired by iphone 4. According to famous vlogger who publicize the news related to iphone, it will consist of highly tiny notch in the display. It will have very thin black bar just above the display which will include its selfie camera and fresh id sensor . 

Apple launched iphone 4 around 10 years ago in 2010 which gonna be very similar to iphone 12. Vlogger Ben even posted a possible model of iphone 12 in twitter. Meanwhile he said that its predicted design only.

Quad Camera setup

The latest news said that iphone 12 would be the first ever phone to feature 4 main cameras in a single phone. It is designed to wide angle camera, Ultra wide angle camera, Telephoto and a TOF camera Sensor. 

It is said that Iphone 12 would have two model. One would be of 5.4 inch and another of 6.7 inch.If apple continues its history,iphone 12 will be in the market till september 2020. And according to another news,apple will launch 3D camera iphone Pro. 

This feature will be featured in new phone as well. However, apple company has no official statement and explaination regarding this.