The Japanese said that Why Nepal is not developing ?

The Japanese said : speak Your own language
Nepal Country of the Highest Mountain, Mount Everest. Nepalese culture, Art and language have their own identity But the Nepalese language, Art and culture are changing into Western modern lifestyle.

Japanese Haruhito Nozu is a Nepali Language Expert and Researcher. He came to Nepal 35 Years ago and did Many Kind of research in Nepali language. He has translated Nepali literature to Japanese and Japanese - Nepali. Nozu has also directed Nepali Telifilm.
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He constrasts the past and present situation saying that there were more cows than the vehicles in the road when he visited nepal. In this time, Something changed more in Nepal but it's not enough. Nozu said that language also plays a major role in country development.

They did What?

In the earlier stage of development in japan,he urged every japanese scattered around globally to get back japan and developed infrastructures so that each japanese could study their loved and interested subjects and courses.He even managed to teach in japanese language in schools, colleges ,universities and moreover the officers in offices.

This helped everyone to have equivalent study and work in the country.On the other hand in case of requiring other languages, the students developed their carrier as translator.

However, when watching Nepali TV Program in Nepal, he is saddened to hear that the program Presenter (VJ) has spoken in the Mixed English word.

He says, Nepal has own language,Culture, Art and identity, why nepali people are trying to colonize with another country. Speaking English is not a big deal. The language must use according to the context and the circumstances.