National Innovation Center has been launched Formally.

NIC has been launched Officially.
National Innovation Center has been succesfully launched under the leadership of Nepali scientists and social activist Dr Mahabir Pun .It was established on 18th october 2019 in Kritipur.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Mrs.Tripathi said that the historic work had already started and it must go on. The center would help to find the hidden talents and skills . He said that it would accurately determine the scientific skill used in scientific and technical sectors.

Denmark's Mathematics Prof. Dr. Fleming Tops expressed his heartfelt gratitude for being able to support the center.He said that Nepal is a beautiful country and everyone must work hand in hand to maintain the same. He expressed that Nepal is developing and establishment of this center is one of its sign.

The president of theNational Innovation Center(NIC) Dr. Mahabir Pun Magar said that new thought and talent . He said that single innovative center is not able to control the nation therefore its branches should be established in different places and educated and skilled man power is not compulsarily required. He said that center would not only develop the new technology but also help in economic development.

National Innovation Center products?

Recently the center has invented Grundruk making machine , Machine to make a Selroti (a type of dish), Washing machine, Machine to filter water and make joss stick . Similarly, Machine to scare Monkey, Machine to warm water, Online booking service,online shoping, Baby warmer system, Home delivery system are its latest invention.The center is eatablished with investment of about Nrs. 1.5 crore.

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