Sunday, September 22, 2019

Nepali Flag Flapped In World's Highest Building : BURJ KHALIFA

Friday is the public holiday for Gulf Countries. So every employee hurrily rush to their room after the work done. However every Nepali steped to Burj Kalifa. 

Every nepali eye was only focussed to Burj Khalifa because Nepali Flag was flowing high proudly for the First time in history. The moon and the sun shined on the white curtains symboling the flag of Nepal for about a minute on September 20, 2019, 9:10 pm(Nepal time:10:55).

The moment was completely historic by Nepalese rooting and excitement. The term"Nepal Nepal "was echoed. The sound of applauses touched the sky. The other people around were also winsome to see and celebrated the Nepal's constitution day with great joy. Nepal going to prepare Celebreat Special next year as Visit Nepal 2020.

How was it even possible?

It happened because of the Nepali Embassy Abu Dhabi. The Ambassador Krishna Prasad Dhakal said "i will try my best to light up the national flag of nepal on constitution day." Since Dhakal is newly chosen , His sincerity has won everyone. He has not even completed his one year as ambassador. He is highly admired for lighting up the Burj Khalifa with national flag. After all the disscussion , He was able to light up for a minute.

A employee Subash Sharma from Dang has been working in UEAfor a decade. He said that he had had tears rollkng down his eyes while seeing a flag flapping on Khalifa. Many employees thanked UAE Government.

Nepali flap was flapped for the first time in history in world's highest human made building (828 m). The flag was flapped on Friday from evening 7 pm to morning 1 am. Around 200 mtr long Nepali flag was light up from 3rd floor to 65th floor of the building Burj Khalifa.

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