ISRO Loses Contact With Chandrayaan-2 Moon Lander During Its Descent | India Missed Chance to Make history (2019)

Indian Moon Mission Chandrayaan-2 failed to soft Land on Moon || India failed to create history (2019 Sep 7).Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), India try to launch Mission Chandrayaan -2 failed due to lost of connection with Lander Vikram.

ISRO's head Kailasavadivoo Sivan said that everything was completely normal till 2.1 km from moon's surface .But suddenly the connection got disconnected With Control Room .The Lander Vikram was heading towards moon on september 7, 2019 at night between 1:30 and 2:30 am.

PM Modi motivated scientists
In order to feel the achievement,see it,encourage the indian space scientists, Tthe PM Narendra Modi reached ISRO office situated in Bengaluru. But at the end point, The tensed situation got everyone's smile and happiness away.

ISRO head said that 18 minutes before landing were breath taking and informed that the connection got lost later. The PM Modi motivated scientists asking life is all about ups and downs. To have reached at that level is great achievement itself. The country is proud at them and their dedication and hardwork has taught a lot. And congratulated the scientists.

India was going to makee history
If it had been successful, India would have been the next after US, Russia and China and the 4th country to create next history . However ,the mission is regarded to have been prepared in very cheap investment comparing to other nations i.e 14-15 M - US Dollar since it is cheaper than producing a hollywood movie .

As made with the aim of investing lesser budget and engines,it wasn't planned to land it directly ,it was sent by making it rotate and revolve. It was decided to launch on 22nd july from earth and land it on moon on 7th september. 

It is regarded to be the most complicated and important job of Indian Space Organisation because no any country from Southern Part of moon has been able to land any space craft.

What will happen next then?
Despite the failure of past plan ,decision and dream,Indian scientist are optimistic. They haven't lost hope and courage fo come in contact with the lander Vikram. The mysterious thing is the Robot(Pragyaan Robar) inside the Lander Bikram.

Although there is no connection with The lander Vikram, However, Chandrayan-2's satellite device Orbitar is still revolving around moon. Orbiter will Revolve The moon For 1 Year. The scientists are analysing the data to find Th Lander Vikram.