The first success of Nepali satellite Nepsat1, Four images sent from space

Here is the great news for Nepali People . The first success of Nepali satellite Nepsat1, Four images  sent from space  After completing all the tests of Nepali nano satellite, Pictures taken by the Nepal's first Nano satellite NepSat1 have been made public on saturday. 

Pic taken from the southern part of Sri-Lanka

Very first time, Four images are taken by a nano satellite which have been published on August 3, These Four photographs were Captured using the ground station of Sri -Lanka. The camera on the nano satellite was initially photographed in the sun to test whatever it works or not. 

Photograph of the sun Taken by Nepsat1

Once the ground station is established in Nepal, a picture of the Nepal can be taken. Nepali Nano satellite has a 5 megapixel high quality camera attached for capture data. Japan was launched a BIRDS program, targeting countries that do not have it's own space program. 

Pic of a cloudy seen over Japan

Every 90 minutes, this tiny satellite orbiting the earth and 16 times per day rotates around the earth . it does fly Four times daily in the sky of Nepal. when nepsat1 fly over Nepali sky Each time, The ground station and satellite will contact for 10 minutes only.

Images Credits : BIRDS 3 Satellite Project.

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