Nepali youth discovering the fastest and the most modernized transport; A Hyperloop

 Hyperloop,  A nepali youth is pro-active to invent the most fastest and the safest transport than the aeroplane and the train respectively. The train was discovered in 19th century and the aeroplane in 20th century .And the world today runs by these all the day and all the night .

 Can anyone even ponder that there is any other altervative rather than these? This is the most frequently asked question today . Meanwhile a nepali youth has taken up the vision to challenge the world .the hyperloop will be in system very soon. 

The international compitition of inventing the fastest hyperloop held recently this Sunday and one of the winners was a nepali youth. Germany's The Technical University of Munic's Computational mechanics student Dinesh Poudel and his intimate friends' group were able to invent the most fastest Hyperloop pod( train like box) and were able to win the compitition and global compititors.

 He had contacted Worldlink and informed that their hardwork has paid off and expresses that his dreams came true and feels proud to represent Nepal.

Writter : Apsana Kammu

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