Commendable dance by Samragyee and Pushpa Khadka in "Jam Na Maya Jaam"

The very first ever song of film "Maruni" is recently out in the market. The film is produced by Punam Entertainment and directed by super fantastic director Nawal Nepal.

 The program organised a little while back released this euphonious and resonant song with the presence of director Nawal Nepal ,producer Punam Gautam ,actor Pushpa Khadka ,actress Samragyee RL Shah and Rebika Gurung ,singer Deepak Bajracharya and cinematographer Sanjay Lama. 

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The easy to the ears voice and music of late extremely loved singer Deepak Bajracharya has poppy and catchy lyrics of Rikky Shakya. This canorous song was cinematographed in a super sizzling club. The song compromises of more than 100 other dancers along with slay king and queen Pushpa Khadka and Samragyee RL respectively . 

The song was choreographed by the talented choreographer Prabin Singh . The audio of the song is presented very well and powerful. The popular singer Deepak Bajracharya has released this song after being trended in number one position for his foot trapping song 'Manmagan' .

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