Nepali Movie "A Mero Hajur 3" Took A Grand Opening

Nepali Young Star Anmol KC's most awaited Nepali Movie A Mero Hajur 3 has been Released From 12 April 2019 all over the nepali cinema halls. Before the movie release this movie was special Premiere on 11 april.

Young star Anmol KC playing a special character named as 'Ghanshyam' in the Movie A Mero Hajur-3 One of the special actress Suhana Thapa was debut In the movie. she is daughter of Director/Actress Jharana Thapa.

On this April 12, Movie A Mero Hajur 3 Entire unit and actors got possitive comments, Reaction from the audiences. . In the same day Another most awaited Nepali movie 'Yaatra' released together with A mero Hajur 3.

Young star Salin man Baniya and new actress Malika Mahat Featuring in the Nepali movie "Yaatra". Salin man Baniya was Debut in the Nepali Movie A mero Hajur-2 Before it. This movie was set a records at box office at secand day so far.

which was superhit in the nepali box office. A mero hajur (1) was Ft with Late actor Shree Krishna Shrestha and Jhara Thapa. Young star Anmol KC visited cinema Hall on April 12 (Friday) for the audience reaction and review of nepali movie 'A Mero Hajur 3'.

A Mero Hajur:
Banner : A Sunil Kumar Thapa Production / Suhana Entertainment
Director : Jharana Thapa
Cinematography: Sudip Baral,Sanjay Lama, Shambhu Moktan Actors : Anmol KC, Suhana Thapa, Arpan Thapa, Salon Basnet. Story: Jharana Thapa,Suman Poudel
Screen Play : Pratik Paudel, Chhetan Gurung, Suman Poudel, Baburam Dahal,
Edit: Dirgha Khadka
Music: Pratik Paudel/Puspan Pradhan,Ashish Aviral/Kalyan Singh/ Koshish Chhetri
Choreographer: Ramji Lamichhane, Prabin Singh, Rahul Shah,Kabiraj Gahatraj,
Associate Producer: Saroj Subba