Nepal Launched First Its own Nano satellite Nepalisat-1 Into the space (with Video)

Beginning of the Nepali New year 2076 , Good News for all the tech buffs & Nepalese People. 
 Nepal is going to launched its own First Nano Satellite named "Nepalisat-1" on 18 April 2019 , 2:31 AM Nepali Time  From Nasa. 

According to Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) "Nepalisat-1" could not be able to make it  self-sufficient to fully depend on other country. Anyway  it is a good pleasure for Nepali to send geo-satellite satellite to flagship space. 

This Nano Project may be a milestone in the science & technology sector of Nepal in Future. Japan's Kyushu Institute of Technology has assisted in the launch of Nepal’s own first Satellite. Nepal Academy of Science and Technology (NAST) said the Nepalisat-1 satellite cost between  Rs 20-30 million and weigh of 1.33 kg.

All The Data captured by the "Nepalisat-1" from space will help to collect information about landslides, wildfires, floods, Climate, landslides, Earthquake and other Unknown Future natural Disasters.  Nepal's Nano satellite "Nepalisat-1"  will even make able to study trend of rapid urbanization of The Nepal. Nepali Nano satellite will able to send data on the earth for maximum 3 year from the space. 

However, the "Nepalisat-1" will not helps to acess for Communication & internet. For the this type fuction ability need a
bigger satellite cost will be around Nrs 600 billion. Nepal Launching only Rs 20-30 million Nano satelitte on the space.

This Nepali Nano satellite "Nepalisat-1" will keep around 400KM away from the earth & it will  Revolve the earth 16 Times Per day (at 24 Hours) . After this sucsess Government of Nepal Prepraring for the Bigger space Satellite Project. NASA is published all the information about the "Nepalisat-1" at it's official website.
Nepal’s First Nanosatellite "NepaliSat-1" Space Launched at Thrusday 2:31 AM on April 18, 2019. Nepal's entry into the  space and the launch was livestreamed by NASA.  

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