Now You can Delete Facebook Messages Permanently

Facebook has recently launched an awesome feature for the Facebook user. Facebook has launched this unique feature for Messenger users. Now ,  Facebook Messenger users will be able to Delete that messages which already sent to friends from facbook  Messenger.

If the sender delete messages from his chat box,  receiver's  message also  will  automatically delete from the chat box . 
But you need to be delete the messages with in  certain time. it  means you need to delete message within 10 minutes after sending the message.  Otherwise the messages will not  removed  from the recipient chat box .

With this added feature from facebook , Now you do not have to worry if you send someone to a Message wrongly an by mistake.

This new feature was not available  yet to remove already sent message to delete from receiver's chat box. at past you can delete message from our chat box only.

How to Delete message ? 
* Press or 'Tab ' on  message which do you want to delete.
(you need to delete within 10 min. otherwise message will not delete from receiver;s chat box)
* Tab on  delete 
* 2 option wil l show there. (1,Remove for you  2,Remove for everyone) 
* Press on Remove for everyone

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