Samsung Making 1TB Flash Chip eUFS Memory For Smartphones

World's one of the best South Korean Company Samsung has Produced 1TB capacity chip for Smartphone first time in the world After officially launch this chip, all of the mobile phone companies will be able to provide a storage of 1000GB memory in Their devices worldwide

The size of the 1TB memory chip will be the same as a first chip of 11.5*13  millimeters. In addition to offering  storage, this new eUFS  will be more  faster than typical SSDs, microSDs  previous chip technology.

Users can store  up to 26010 minutes 4K UHD Format Video on this smartphones. According to Samsung, Every Users can experience as the notebooks  through this new chip smartphone.

Samsung going to launch new Galaxy 10 seriez smartphones in the mobile-world congress in Barcelona on 20 February 2019 . According to media, At the same time, 1TB  capacity chip  will be shared publicly.  

 It is estimated to provide 1 TB storage chip on one of the Samsung Galaxy 10 seriez smartphones with  12 GB Ram.
If so, The Samsung Galaxy S10 seriez smartphone will be the first phone with the 1TB(1000GB)  internal Storage.

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