Solution For Auto App Stop & Close Problem on Android Phone

We install many types of apps on Andorid mobile phone based on the our choice and use it. Most apps are updating schedually by developers.
developers update their  app to fix some minor bug or  add the new features, Sometimes updated version or older version  of   application make us in troubble. 

If there is a problem in  app developing, app developer will resolve that problem immediately.  But today we are going to talk  the problem which  app you're running is sometimes  suddenly  stop or exit automatically in this case Develper may not have a fault. Which may have been caused of our phone settings. 

Today, we will discuss the problem caused of our andorid phone, so that you need to fix this types of  bug.

if you are using the some app since long time , Ssuch an app can come to stop suddenly.  Because such apps store temporary data on backgrounds cache. everytime when you use the app  it  saves (use)  a lo of  cache data  in background.  so your App run very slowly or sometimes  stop working automatically. 

If we clear  the cache storage of app , all the temporary data on the app will be lost. and you will need to sign in again. Using this trick your important data of internal or SD card's data will not lost. 
And your app works well. 

How to fix auto app stop Problem ?
* Goto  Settings menu
* Goto Apps or Apps Manager  and tab (you can see there all apps installed on your device) 
* Choose a app which you get the  problem (eg : facebook chorme, youtube....)

* i will choose here facebook app (eg : its sudenly stops)  Tab on facebook. 
* Tab on Storage 
Clear Data /Clear all Data

Now you can use  you phone without any  error. if you have any  problem  with another app  you can try this method on  each app.  this tricks works 100% if we using any apps since long and many times. tipically related on graphics/socail app uses a lot of backgroud cache.