Increase Mobile sound Volume | Boost Android Mobile Speaker

Sometimes we have experienced  audio and video footage sound level with low volume. Even, we make 100% volume of smartphone we can't hear well because of low level sound mastred sound.  

when we try to watch movies ,  songs may be very low sound level. In this case i have solution to solve this problem to boost(Doubble)  sound level of your andorid smart phone. after boosting your smartphone sound  you can easily listen to it well.

To  Boost Android  Mobile Speaker/Sound you need to install a app. goto google play store and search for volume booster . which is developed by GOODEV. this app has 4.4 rating on playstore  and 10,000,000+ downloaded. this app is  only 3mb of size .
Download Volume Booster.

Install volume booster and open it. after running this app you can see there warning. "playing audio at high volume can damage hearing or destroy speakers......." you have to accept this notification to use this app at own risk.   Be aware when trying to use this setting.  if you hearing the very low sound level  of any audio and video file you can try this fuction. But you don't need to worry about this warning if you customize setting very carefully. follow my steps. 

* after opening the app you can see a interface with Stop app, setting botton and Boost percentage(%)  boost 0% . here is boost off by default. 
* Goto setting botton (left side) and tab. 
* you can see there menu(help, settings,more apps...)

* Tab on settings
* after tab on setting you can see there many options (Bost on boot, show volume control, non-uniform boost and maximum allowed boost options) check tick mark on Boost on boot if you want to sound boost on your phone boot(start up). 
* Teck mark on on Show volume control (it's important)
* leave 3rd option non-uniform boost by defult. 

* Goto last option Maximum allowed boost option. you can see there warning to set above 40% volume boost. you can choose  10%-100%. i does not recomand to set 100% . its best if your choose lower than 60% by default . 
* press back, you can see there mobile master volume and boost percentage. 
* play or listion music or video. if you hear low volume level, increase mobile volume up to 100% and increase boost level to 100% . Keep this boost % in your compliance and enjoy.  you you dont need to use this feature you can Tab on Stop APP.  now your sound will hear normally by default.  

When you are uncomfortable with low sound level then you can use it by running app again. be careful check above setting when trying to use this sound boost feature.