How to Send Money From Bank To Esewa and Esewa To Bank

Esewa is the one of the Popular online payment getway for Nepal. You can Sign up Esewa Account instantly using Your mobile number.

To get verify you need to provide Some Government issued legal documents (citizen,driver lisence...etc) esewa works with your mobile number. esewa is available for Web, Android and ios all platforms.

Useful Features of Esewa

*Load money to bank and bank to esewa,

*Recharge mobile,

*Internet bills, online bills,

*Pay credit card bills

*Airlines ticket, school fees, and more merchants service.

How to Load money on esewa ?
you can load money on esewa account free of cost. Bank do not any charge for transfor money to your esewa account .

First, if you have Internet banking acoount of any nepali bank, very easy to transfor money to esewa aacount anytime . You can get internet banking account by contacting your bank.

*Login to your internet banking account (provided by your bank)

* Goto Quick Payment

* Favorite Merchant(choose or creat favorite merchant)

* Fill E-Sewa ID and amount in rs.

* Click on pay and confirm (your bank will send confirmation code via Sms ) fill the code and press on confirm.

* now will get money on your esewa account instantly within few minute.

How To Send Money Esewa To Bank ?
Esewa also support two way payments esewa to bank and bank to esewa. you will not charge to send money from bank to esewa but you want to send money esewa to bank some charges may apply. esewa only support Nrs(nepali rupaiya only)

Esewa to bank Withdrawal Charges:

100 - 1000 = 10 Nrs

1001 - 10000 = 20 Nrs

10001 - 20000 = 30 Nrs

20001 - 30000 = 40 Nrs

30001 - 40000 = 50 Nrs

40001 - 50000 = 60 Nrs

Esewa Transaction Limits

Transactions/Day = 4 times

Amount/ Tran. = Rs 50,000/-

Max. amount/Day = Rs 200,000/-

Max. Tran./Month = 20 times

Amount/Month = Rs 500,000/-

Send money to bank from esewa :

*Sign in to your Esewa Account

* Goto Bank Transfer menu.

* Choose your bank (bank name : to withdrawal money)

* fill account number and account holder name correctly.

* type Ammount

* choose propose (personal use, bill share etc)

* write a some discription for remarks

* Finally press on Procced.

* enter your esewa pin (if ask by esewa )

After complete this method you will get money in few minute.
tipically, available money transfor platforms like IME, any /remits, Westren union gives a service at office time only. if you have esewa account you can send and receive money any time . its very easy to mange your account. you can save your time.

You can deposit money to any bank account from esewa if you have balance on you account. another best benifit of esewa is you can send money esewa to esewa very fast using phone number to phone number free of cost. many nepali online shoping store support esewa payment getway. you can purchase goods on online stores.