Call MX Player On Thunkable | Starting MX Player Video App Developement

Starting MX Player in thunkable, makeroid and appybuilder.  You can play your video or live tv stream url in thunkable, makeroid and  appybuilder app. if you don't setup process correctly on this noncodding app developement platfrom app does not work and you will get the " cant not play" error . 

if you want to play video url in mx player you need to call mx player by caling activity and your  tag and value must set in  realtime firebase database.  

How to play Live video url in mx player in thunkable,makeroid,appybuilder app ? 

* Pick firebase and Activity starter on your project.

* Goto Firebase and creat a project and choose your location.
* Goto Database and creat real time database.  choose Start in locked mode and Enable.
* Goto Rule you will see following code :
  "rules": {
    ".read": false,
    ".write": false


Make change editing false to true like this  : 
  "rules": {
    ".read": true,
    ".write": true


* Goto data firebase project and find  Web API Key : xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxxx (its looks like this 
* Copy this web api key and Paste on thunkanle prject  Firebase Token.
* Goto firebase database and copy looks this code  and pase on thunkable Firebase URL.

* Goto firebase database and copy firebase project Bucket which is in  just under of the url likes this  "Your project name-xxxxxx"  paste on thunkable firebase Project Bucket.

*Goto thunkable activity starter and fill following  :
Action :    android.intent.action.VIEW
Activity Class :
Activity Package :
Data Uri :    http://xxxxxxxxxxx.m3u8(your live video url)

* Goto firebase database and tabing + icon add a child
* give Tag name as you want (ex: test) 
* fill your live tv url on value.

*  Goto Thunkable project's Block Section and fill live this :

finally your app will start with mx player . in this method if there not installed mxplayer on users smartphone they cant run live tv .