Mavic 2 Pro Drone Mov File Cann't Import in Adobe Premiere? HEVC H265 MOV File can not import Solved Without Convert

Mavic 2 Pro Drone Mov File Can't Import in Adobe Premiere? HEVC H265 MOV File can not import Solved Without Convert.

There are many kinds of video codecs to compress and store video footage. H264 is the famous codec but recently dominating by H265 codec which is more better quality than h264. But h265 codec is not fully compatible with worldwide software and video platforms.

That's the reason why this format does not support every video Editing software. Recently professional Video editors also facing  MOV file not importing problems in adobe premiere pro. in the later version of premiere maybe fix it.

The latest camera coder, for example, Mavic 2 Pro Drone camera can shot H265 MOV format. Anyway, you can import and edit that not imported MOV file without convert as Same quality. To import that's unsupported file Adobe premiere Pro you need to do these short tricks.

First, you may know Why does not import the latest MOV file on adobe Premiere Pro?

The reason is Mavic 2 Pro camera compressed MOV video file as H265 codec. which is 32 bit. Adobe Premiere does not support recently 32-bit video footage editing.

How To Fix it and import it on Adobe Premiere?

You don't need to worry about it. it's very easy to fix it.
Change all video footage extensions one by one.

For example, Original file's extensions are.MOV Now you need to change this.MOV to .mp4 extensions. then you can import all video files by changing video extensions.

How change Video extensions?

1, First Goto Control Panel

2, Goto folder option(File Explorer option)

3, Go to view

4, there you can find a Hide extension for unknown file types. uncheck the box (remove tick mark) and click on apply.

5, Go to your Video File Folder (where your MOV file stored)

6, Right-click on one video and click on rename and Replace to. MOV by .mp4 (be careful DOT must be there, don't give any space or don't use capital letter .MP4)

#if your file name as "video001.Mov" now its looks like "video001.mp4"

7 Save it. replace all videos MOV extension by mp4.
8, Now ready to Import on premiere without convert & loss of quality. typically this process works for adobe premiere cs 2018 and above. tested by me thanks.