Invalid App ID Error Solved When share Website Post to Facebook

Sometimesyou will get this error mesage"Invalid App ID" From Facebook ,
when you are trying to share blogger, wordpress, website's post on Facebook. You can solve this error if you are admin of website.

You will get this invalid error id message because social Share plugin or java script code were set default by developer, we can replace app id code creatingApp on facebook

How to fix it ?
# Goto your website post, Find the Social Sharing icons,

# Right Click onFacebookShare botton of your website and press on Inspect.

# Find The app id onElement, pannel, wich was located on social share/Facebook div, Then Copy That app id code (number only) .

# Goto blogger Theme, Edit Html and PressCTRL+Fand paste that copied code on search box, press Enter. you will find the app id code which is invalid. Now you need to creat your own app id and replace on that app id code.

# GotoFacebook Developer.login with your facebook id .or if you have already loged in facebook facebook will redirect on developer dashboard.