How to Creat Your Own Free Website ?

website is the most important way to make money online and social marketing. There is 2 easiest way to make Free Website in Nepal. That's Blogger and Wordpress. It is famous and suitable For Beginner Publisher.

1, Blogger signup

2, Wordpress signup

Blogger Platform is hosted by Google and Wordpress is hosted by Wordpress. And it can be hosted on paid different hosting.

these both of the site platform you can link your custom domain by purchasing on domain provider. otherwise, your free site domain name will like this sample " " & " you can change your domain name custom as you wish.

which platform best for you?

1, Blogger platform has few design and function features. blogger has a few low quality looks. But the good feature of blogger is it's completely free hosting with unlimited bandwidth.

Blogger does not support any third party plugins its has drag and drop layout. but more easy to add your custom domain name by purchasing the third party any site. you can edit and modify the theme but its limited in advance.

There are many blogger free theme but you can not remove footer credit on a free theme. you can buy a premium design theme from the developer and sales site its very cheap. 

Blogger is very easy to use to write posts anytime. it will access your admin panel by your Gmail id. you can give many people admin access on blogger. it's completely free to use by google accepting google policy.

2, WordPress Blog Platform needs more knowledge regarding give great looks, features & maintain. it's fully customizable. WordPress platform site looks very professional. in this case, if you want to link a custom domain.

You need to pay $13 yearly. You need to buy hosting also to control and store your website data for professionals. if you have no idea about web design no worry to make a professional website. you can also buy professional theme design but it's you need to pay more cost than blogger theme for WordPress theme. in the Nepal WordPress hosting package and visiter suitable are limited. 

WordPress support verities of wp plugins. it will handle over many plugins. the article looks like a high-quality HD. there are some features different from and you can not monetize your site developed using

 if you are going to use a business propose. platform best for you. Both platforms you can use in Nepal. If You are small publishers we suggest you use a blogger platform because of its completely free & easy user interface. 

How to earn money online from Nepal in 2020?

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