How Link Custom Domain on Blogger & Use free hosting for website

Hellow freinds, Today i am going to tell about how to link your custom domain like .com/.net. org...........(Premium)  on your blogspot blog/site.  You need to custom domain if you are planing to grow your business by blogging, business as profestional , people will believe to paid domain.

 In this method you need to buy only domain name,  google will provide free unilimited hosting for your blogpsot blogger platform. which is developed by google. 

Tipically blogger provides sub domain free for you. if you want to make www. yourdomain .com 
you need to buy third party domain name to redirect and setup your custom domain from domain provider company. if you buy your own domain name you can set up your own domain on blogger free of cost. 

 if you have a already created own blogspot blog, let's follow my few step how to setup/link custom domain on your blogspot site. 

Few steps to link custom domain on blogger : 
* First  Buy a .com or any paid domain from domain provider. there is many domain provider availlable to buy domain online. (they recomanded to you buy hosting too but be careful you dont need to buy hosting, we will use free Unlimited hosting of google)

* Then, you need to creat own blog using your email id from then creat new blog , type name and choose your own .blogspot url to creat a blog. choose a theme which you like.   and creat blog.    if you have already created blogspot blog,   follow next step. 

*  Goto Setting, then click on Basic,  you can see there  Blog Address(example :   now click on Set up a third-party URL for your blog . 

* Then inter domain name you Bought ( and save it.  Now you can see there warning this "We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. On your domain registrar's website, locate your Domain Name System (DNS) settings and enter the following two CNAMEs

* This error is minor because we have not connected our domain name with this blogger, here you can see www(name) hosted, destination, target  you need to fill this data on your domain  account pannel at dns management option , now sign in to your Bought domain  account and goto dns Management option. and click on Manage DNS.

* Now you can see there Records menu.  both all all menu we need to fill data on to menu which are CNAME RECORD & A RECORDS , whcih was provided by blogger. 

* now goto Cname records and click on Add Cename Record,

add www on host name and add on value. you can set TTl code as 14400 and click on add record. 

*after adding this host now again click on Add Cname record . You need to add 2 cname record on this pannel. Now pot label code on hot and long on value then choose Tlt as first steep same and click on add record. 

* Now you need to add 1 more record there, Goto A records Menu ,
here we need to add 4 ip adress of google. now click on Add A record.  put  in Destination IPv4 Address TTl value is 14400 and click on add record . 

* After adding this first ip address  you need to do more 3 same  steps using different this ip adress

You need to add these 4 different ip  records on this A record menu.  after finishing add this all ip address your a record you can see you a records dashboard like this : 

*Now you Dns setup is complete. go to your Blogger  Third party domain settings and save it.  if save fails try again after few minute,  after few time your setting will save. dont forget check (tick mark) on redicect. and save it. you can also Tuo\rn on HTTPS mode for your blogger for secure its completly free.  after few hour your blogspot domain blog url will redirect at your custom domain name.