Android Mobile Sensor | Amazing Hidden Function of Proximity Sensor

Today i am going to tell about Amazing hidden features of android smartphone Mobile Proximity sensor.

its makes very easy to control mobile screen on/off state Using Proximity App . You can save your Device's battery backup From this function. This useful app which is Developed by SSDeveloper . Proximity App size is only 1.3MB and more than 100,000+ Times Downloded from Google Play Store with 4.4 Ratings. 

Who does it Works ?
Usually, we need to press on "Power key" to Turn on/turn off the mobile's display. But, This helps to save your time using
Mobile phone's Proximity sensor. This Sensor is inbuilt with near of Front camera in smartphones.

Proximity sensor, helps to Turn on/Turn off your mobile display itself.

When covering the sensor of smartphones it will turn off the screen automacally. and When your phone sensor uncovered and comes in the light, phone Display will turn on itself.

You don't need your continuous attention on mobile display and pattern lock. this app always running in the background until stop. you can stop this feature manually by clicking on Proximity sensor .

Even, if you Flip your phone on a any location(exmple, Table,Sofa, Bed .....anywhere), Put it inside the pocket (Cloths) it means cover the proximity sensor of smartphones and it makes your phone screen turn off immediately.

But, when the sensor is uncovered, the screen will come back on. I hope you will get advantage from this amazing app.
Download Proximity Service App

Download and install it. after installation complete. Tab on Open. Now Ready to use Proximity Service. if you want to stop this feature, Goto notification bar and find Poximity Service Then Tab on "Touch to Stop Service" this service will deactive simply.

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