Secret Settings To Solve Android Phone Hanging Problems

Friends, Sometimes you may have experience with the problem of mobile hanging, Tipically, This is a problem with simple / cheap low graphics/Normal Processors and low memory smartphones.

But, sometimes even if we use expensive branded smartphones, it hurts us by hanging . There are many apps available fix the problem but that is not Genuine way. if you install and run third party app to fix the this problem your phone hanging can occur more. Because third party app uses many background processes of your andorid smartphone.

Your battery may drain faster, it also use memory(RAM) of the phones. running on low memory(RAM) is another reason for phone hanging. If you set your mobile phone's setting correctly, the phone does not hang. You can solve this mobile hanging problem changing android developer's genuine setting without use of any app.

Follow this teps To fix mobile hang problem.

# Goto Settings menu and find Developer Option.

* if you dont find developer option, Goto About Phone and Tab.

* After Tab, on About Phone, and find Build Number, if you not able to find Build number Tab on Softwere Informations. you can see Build number.

* Tab 5-7 Times on Build number, and go back Now you can see Developer option on setting menu.

* Tab on Developer Option. press at On botton. scrool down, find window animation scale.

* Tab on window animation scale. you can see there many option, Choose a first opton " Animation is off "

* Then, Goto Transition animation scale and Tab, choose first option " Animaton is off "

* Then, Third option, Goto Animator duration scale and Tab, choose first option " Animation is off. " this trick improves your smasrtphone's performance.

Another Step

# Goto to Google play, and goto setting botton, (You can find setting on top left side of google paly app)

* Tab on setting , Find Auto update apps .

* Tab on Auto update apps, you can see there three option . Choose Don't auto updates app .

# Clean RAM

* Goto Settings , find Smart Manager.

* Tab on smart manger, and press on Clean all.

* Tab on RAM , and tab on End All. using this features your running apps will stop. After setting it 3 main Steps , Your android smartphones will never be hang. i hope now you will fix mobile hanging problem.